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A special collaboration between BLUNT and esteemed First Nations artist Kenita-Lee McCartney of Kenita-Lee - Matakupaat Arts, this umbrella features the extraordinary ‘Matriarchy’ design meticulously crafted by Kenita-Lee.

Hailing from the ancestral heritage of the Wemba Wemba, Wiradjuri, Wotjiboluk, Nari Nari and Boon Wurrung people, Kenita-Lee proudly resides on the unceded territories of the Wemba Wemba nation. With a lifelong dedication to artistic expression and narrative exploration, she weaves intricate tales through her captivating artworks.

"This piece depicts the strong feminine matriarchs. The white dots form together to symbolise the strength and guidance of the women that came before. The strong leaders, the changemakers who led the way before, guide us today and leave their names in history.”

“A story of resilience and strength, the arched shaped symbols represent those who came before me and those who continue to guide my journey. The feminine women’s energy comes through the female lineage of our bloodlines."

Matakupaat Arts operates on the Murray River in regional Victoria, situated on the lands of the Wemba Wemba people.

Your trusted sidekick 

Compact, collapsible and convenient, the BLUNT Metro is always at hand while you are on the go. Designed for those who love life in the fast lane, live lightly and refuse to be held back by the elements.

Metro is the go-to umbrella for days where you’re not sure what's on the horizon. It conveniently fits in your handbag, tote, or backpack so you’re always prepared, whatever the weather.

Use: An auto-open button pops open the canopy for instant cover at your fingertips. Built with unique 360° spinning technology, the Metro’s canopy is designed to elegantly handle knocks when navigating narrow spaces. Once you’re done, simply collapse the canopy and slip it back into its carry sleeve.

Coverage: Sized perfectly for one, at 100cm across.


Will it blow inside out?
No, our stick umbrellas shouldn’t blow inside out. However, there is the exception of our collapsible Metro model which may flip inside out in certain winds but it has been designed so that if it does, it can be easily flipped back without damaging the structure!

Which umbrellas come with carry sleeves?
Our Limited edition models, Exec, Sport and Classic Seasonal models all come with carry sleeves. Our collapsible Metro model also comes with a matching cover sleeve to keep protected while in your bag. Our core range Coupe and Classic models do not come with carry sleeves.

Are your umbrellas vegan?
Yes, none of our umbrellas contain any animal by-products.

Why does my Metro spin?
Our Metro umbrella is built with a 360° spinning canopy to avoid damaging the core mechanism when knocked on an accident. Greig, our founder, discovered when walking down the busy streets of London, he was prone to bump into people/walls/street poles etc., so having this feature future proofs your BLUNT.

Why the BLUNT Umbrella?
At BLUNT, we discovered that the construction of the traditional umbrella is fundamentally flawed and thought there had to be a better way. The solution was to ensure that the canopy was tight all over, whilst removing the spikes at the outer edge of the canopy to make it safer for passers by.

In simple terms, umbrellas are made up of two distinct components - a fabric canopy and a frame. If the canopy is floppy, it is nothing more than a rag flapping in the breeze. When pulled tight this helps create a solid sound structure. A tighter canopy creates a stable surface for winder to flow over it. A flatter canopy enhances these aerodynamic properties, much like a wing. BLUNT has solved these fundamental problems in the form of patented technology; the Radial Tensioning System. The key component of this system is the BLUNT tip, spreading the tension at the canopy edge and giving us our distinctive and unique shape. The BLUNT Umbrella creates synergy between components resulting in the perfect blend of form and function.

What exactly is the Radial Tensioning System?
Like traditional umbrellas, a BLUNT is opened by pushing up on a runner handle that extends up the umbrella shaft to fold out the frame.
During this folding out of the frame, a BLUNT works differently by converting this opening force into a unique radial (outwards) movement in the ribs. This radial movement is used to open the BLUNT tips from a collapsed state into their open ‘T’ shape (much like a miniature umbrella). Once open, the BLUNT tips then push against the edge of the canopy and tighten the canopy in a completely new way, focusing force at the canopy edge where it is needed most.

BLUNT Umbrellas are made to last.
At BLUNT we are focused on leading change when it comes to the environment. Our mission is to promote the adoption of everyday use of reusable products. We aim to service and repair our products before we replace them. Every BluntTM comes with a 2 year global manufacturer’s warranty.

What is covered under my 2-year manufacturer’s warranty?
Our manufacturer’s warranty is a promise to repair or replace any faulty product that was, by mistake, missed when undergoing our rigorous quality control check process. This covers any faults caused by the way the product has been made, including but not limited to: part failures, material defects, production line errors.
Any damage or deterioration resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal service or handling or neglect is not covered under our warranty.
Damage caused by repairs or service provided by anyone other than an approved BLUNT service centre is also not covered by warranty.

Order Replacement Parts
If you'd like this repaired by our team, please contact us at


To avoid any injuries, protect your surroundings and increase the longevity of your BluntTM, make sure to always open it upwards.

To maximise the life of your BluntTM, make sure to store your umbrella in it’s sleeve. This helps to protect it from any sun damage or wear and tear.

Make sure to dry your BluntTM completely to avoid any mildew or water stains forming. The best way to dry your umbrella is to leave it fully open, otherwise you can leave this standing up with the canopy tie released.

When cleaning your canopy, make sure to use a clean cloth and warm water to clear any marks. Avoid using any chemical detergents and bristle brushes. BLUNT Umbrellas are not machine washable.

Care Guide

Dry completely to avoid any mildew or water stains forming. The best way is to leave it fully open, or leave it standing up with the canopy tie released.

Store your umbrella in it’s sleeve.

Clean the canopy with a clean cloth and warm water. Avoid using any chemical detergents and bristle brushes. BLUNT Umbrellas are not machine washable. To maintain that easy-open action, wipe the shaft clean from time to time and rub a very light layer of petroleum jelly, or 'Vaseline' on it.

Size Guide


BLUNT Umbrellas are designed and built with meticulous craft and care to ensure they stand the test of time. We back this up with a global 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

All BLUNT umbrellas offer UV protection (this varies per colour). Please keep in mind that UV rays can be reflected off surfaces in different environments.


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