Oli&Carol Teether | Wally the Watermelon

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Wally the Watermelon is a fruit-shaped baby teether that will stimulate babies’ senses while soothing little gums. Its realistic textures will develop kids’ sense of touch. It is carefully hand painted with natural pigments, making it completely safe for little ones. Did you know that including watermelon in food helps keep 90% of water in human bodies? Introduce kids into a healthy lifestyle from a young age!

This product is perfect as a baby teether, babies and kids toy, bath toy, for sensory play and decorative object. It is made following an artisanal, sustainable and eco-friendly process with 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees. As it is made all in one piece with no holes, it avoids the creation of bacteria inside. Hand painted with natural pigments one by one, so there are no two alike!

• Made with 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees.

• Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew. Stimulates baby's senses and soothes teething gums.

• Hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes.

• Completely safe for kids, non-toxic. Certified by Bureau Veritas. PVC, BPA, Phthalates and Nitrosamines free.

• Highly hygienic, mold free. There are no holes in any of our designs preventing the presence and growth of bacteria and mold.

• Eco-toys, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

• Used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more.

• Handmade taking care of every detail. There may be minor variations in color and shape.


What are your products used as?
Our natural rubber toys are used as teethers, bath toys, sensory play and even as decoration objects!

Recommended age?
Any age! Our products are certified for 0+. They are normally used between 0-8 year old kids from teething age to bath time!

How does the paint stay on the product? Is it dangerous if it peels off?
The paint we use both for the base colour of the rubber and the coating paint are water based pigments mixed with plant based pigments and rubber. For base color, pigments are injected to the mould so the product has color itself; for the coating paint is water based, so it easily holds on to latex. After a long use, some paint may come out. It is not something to worry about as it is non-toxic and safe for babies.

Is the product biodegradable?
Natural rubber is biodegradable on a process that can take up to a decade, but the process can accelerate when exposed to sunlight, heat, humidity and fresh air.

Can I sterilize them?
may damage and affect their shape as well as their color. We recommend to clean our toys with soap and water, then dry with a damp cloth. Air drying between use is recommended.

Can I put it in the fridge or freezer?
We use 100% natural rubber extracted from Hevea trees in Malaysia and they are hand-painted with natural paints extracted from plants. As they are so specially handmade, we recommend storing them in dry places, that's why humidity of the freezer or fridge would not be appropriate for them. We also recommend not exposing the toys to any direct light.

My product has some small imperfections, is it normal?
Our toys are made of 100% natural rubber. They are handmade and hand painted one by one by skillful artisans, so no two items are exactly the same. Small imperfections are what make each piece unique. Some paint imperfections or some uneven surfaces are totally normal and safe. It’s not a synthetic plastic toy. Each product is uniquely different!

My product has deflated a little bit, is it normal?
Rubber is a natural material which may be affected by differences in temperature and air pressure. If you notice that your product is a little bit deflated, please kindly wait a couple of hours, as it should go back to its natural shape.

The product has some black spots appearing to be mold
As specified in our care instructions, we do not recommend to keep our products on water or humid places for long periods of time. Since it's a natural product, mold may appear if the product if it is not being well used.
Toys should be cleaned with soap and water and dried thoroughly after each use.
We do not recommend cleaning toys with bleach or any other product other than soap, nor do we recommend sterilizing them, as they are made of 100% natural rubber and their shape or color could be affected.

The color of the toy appears to be fading away. What can I do?
Since our products are ecofriendly and are made with 100% natural rubber, it sometimes happens that it can become white over time. This means that the product is starting to degrade or that is has been in direct contact with sunlight.
As any natural product, with the sunlight the color may fade away. Please make sure not to leave the product in direct contact with sunlight.
If the color is fading away, wash your product with soap and water. We also recommend to varnish the product with a little of coconut oil to make its original color come back.

My product has a layer of oil
To give a longer life time to our products, in the last step of our production process, we clean the natural rubber with vegetable oil. Finding extra oil remaining on the products is nothing to worry about. It makes the product last longer and it is tested and completely safe for babies! If wished so, it can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

My baby has had an allergic skin reaction
Our product should not be given to babies who are allergic to latex. In case your customer thinks her baby can be allergic to latex, we highly recommend her to visit a doctor.

Care Guide

To clean, simply wipe your toy with soapy water and a damp cloth. Do not sterilize or store in the fridge.

Do not store it in humid places. If left on the side of a bath or on tile that may be slightly wet or moist, the toys will start to mold (like any natural products). Air drying between use is recommended.

Color naturally fades away as time goes by.

Do not leave in direct contact with sunlight or artificial light for long periods of time as color may fade faster.


They are made with 100% natural rubber extracted from Hevea trees from Malaysia and painted with natural pigments. All raw materials are completely safe and certified to ensure kids security.

Every toy is different. Our products are handmade one by one, so small imperfections are what makes each product unique.
Variations in temperature may affect the product’s shape and volume.


Remove packaging and all tags before giving the toy to your child.


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