A guide for Maileg toys based on the age of the child.



Are you looking for a gift for your daughter/son, granddaughter-/son, niece, or nephew – but you don’t know what to buy?

We are here to help you. Maileg have created a guide to help you find the perfect Maileg gift based on age.

All our toys are tested and approved according to 2 standards; EN-71 (Europe) and ASTM-F963 (USA).

All soft fabric animals (100% fabric) are approved for all ages (0-3 years). However there are some products where our recommendation is +3 years due to small parts and based on children’s fine motor skills at 0-3 years.


Baby 0-3 years

A perfect baby gift is a rattle or a soft toy.

Rattles are fantastic for little children because they provide auditory and sensory stimulation.

The Lullaby friends collection has beautiful baby items. The rattles are perfectly shaped for a small hand and have a stimulating sound and soft toys with a cuddle cloth and a calm lullaby.



Maileg Categories


Safari friends

All ages

Safari friends are made of the softest linen and come in great colors and sizes. They give the best hug and can sit by themselves. A Safari friend is a perfect partner for adventures and long naps!


The Teddy family

All ages

The Teddy family is a sweet collection of Teddy Junior, Mum, and Dad. They are made of soft linen and have a vintage look. Should you want to find furniture for your Teddies, you should look for furniture in size Mini and accessories from the miniature collection, as they fit our Teddies. The Teddies fit nicely in the Dollhouse.



All ages

Maileg kittens are super soft and perfect for cuddles. They are made of linen and come in nightclothes. These cute friends fit all Maileg furniture in size mini and the knitted hats from the Best friends collection.



+3 years

The mice family is a big collection of many different sizes of mice. They are made of the finest linen and have different themes depending on the season. The mice are approved for all ages, we recommend them for +3 years because the child is at the golden age of imaginative play. The child’s motor skills will also be more developed, so they can change the mouse’s clothes and utilize the small furniture pieces.

The mice have their own clothing collection and furniture. Should you want to find furniture for your mice, you should look under mice – accessories.


Bunny / Rabbit

+3 years

The Bunny & Rabbit collection is made of soft natural linen & cotton fabric – which gives a lovely hand feel and look. The Rabbits have bristles and come in different sizes. The Bunnies have hanging ears and come in a range of sizes.

Do you want to buy furniture for the Bunny or Rabbit? They have their own furniture that suit the different sizes. You can also find a dollhouse for your miniature friends from Maileg.


All ages

Find a perfect gift for the children’s room in our interior collection. Maybe the room needs some cushions and a puff to make it cozy, a garland for decorations, or something like a suitcase or basket to store all the toys in. We offer all these styles, and they can inspire children’s play and imagination.





June 01, 2022

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