Dreaming of a New Puppy?

Aren't we all! If your family is thinking about adopting a dog, the Maileg puppies are a great first step. With their soft fur and floppy ears, these pups are a fun and low-stake way to introduce kids to the joy of pet ownership. Your child can practice teaching their furry friend new tricks, potty training, and take them on walks all while having the companionship of a new bestie. So whether you're looking to prepare for the real deal or simply need a pup to brighten your day, the Maileg puppies are a perfect anecdote. Plus, these friends are shed-free :) maileg puppies with dogs beds and puppy supplies


Maileg puppies

Pick out your new puppy.

It's love at first sight! Seeing your new puppy for the first time is a special moment. The first time you give them a snuggle and watch their little tail wag, your heart nearly melts. You can't help but imagine all the adventures you will have together. The Maileg puppies have plush fur, made with specially designed fabric for Maileg only. They each wear a sweet bandana with cute prints.

Is your new pup energetic and outgoing or shy and bashful? Let your child's imagination do the deciding! Don't forget to give your new friend a name too.

Maileg puppies


Help puppy feel at home.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of bringing home a new puppy. From their adorable wags and wet noses, these fluffy bundles of joy have a special way of filling our home with love and laughter. Along with the excitement, new puppies may feel shy at first too, so it's important to help your new friend feel at home! We have just what you need to get your Maileg puppy settled in.

The first step is providing your pup with a comfy bed for them to rest in. Maileg has adorable dog beds designed to fit your pup just right. They look like real dog beds too! The beds come with a cozy blanket and pillow so your child can tuck their new pet in after a day of play. Your pup will be grateful for a safe space to cozy up in at night or for midday snoozes. The beds are light-weight and easy for a small child to carry in case they want to bring their friend's bed on a road trip or move the bed from room to room.

Maileg dog basket

Playtime with puppy.

From the moment those little paws hit the ground, you'll find yourself swept away in a whirlwind of laughter, games, and boundless energy. Maileg's Puppy Supply is a lovely starter pack to begin your puppyhood journey. Embark on new adventures like a walk in the park with Maileg's adorable leash and collar. Let puppy sniff out all the hidden treasures and run after those sneaky squirrels.

Will you teach pup to sit, shake and give you big hugs? The Maileg puppies are fast learners. Treat pup with a bone after learning a new trick or just for being the bestest friend. The pups will often dig a hole in the yard to hide their tasty treat to save for later.

What games do you and your Maileg puppy like to play? There's no need for fancy gadgets, just a simple game of tug-a-war or fetch with their favorite toy will do the trick.

More of a kitty person?


If puppy life isn't for you, consider adopting a Maileg kitten! These friends bring a unique charm and playfulness to our lives. Although they have a chilled exterior, the kittens love to curl up next to you and drink a warm cup of tea on the couch. The silly kittens keep you on your toes and have moments where they are balls of energy. These troublemakers will want to jump on all your furniture or play a game of cat and mouse.

The Kittens looks stylish and cool in their knit jumpsuits but they have hearts of gold! The cool cats fit in all of Maileg's Mini Furniture so you can spoil them like the royal highnesses they are. Don't be fooled by their independent nature, these kitties are experts in stealing hearts and filling homes with unconditional love.

Maileg kitties


Maileg kittens


Whether you are a cat or dog person, the joy of adopting a new pet fills the whole family's hearts. These delightful companions give us a daily dose of laughter and pure happiness to our lives. The Maileg puppies and kittens teach us patience, responsibility and show us the joy of pet ownership. So, if you're ready to embark on an adventure filled with wagging tails, gentle purrs, and heart-melting snuggles, consider welcoming a Maileg puppy or kitten into your home. 

June 21, 2023

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