Ages :
from 15 months up to 6 years
Seat height:
adjustable from 30 cm to 45 cm
Length, from front wheel to rear wheel(s):
adjustable between 87 to 94 cm
Width of rear wheels in 3-wheel setting:
49 cm
Width handlebar:
41 cm
Height handlebar:
adjustable between 54 to 61 cm
6.3 kg as a tricycle
5.2 kg as a bicycle
feet (handbrakes don’t work at these ages)
12-inch spoked steel wheels with nylon bushings,sealed smooth cartridge ball bearings and extra wide rubber inflatable tyres
Steering limiter:
no safety limiter for more manoeuvrability in threewheelmode
Colours :
matt white, grey and the Vintage Edition in red, pink, blue and misty green
Smart features:
* each bike comes with stickers sheets with designs to choose from
* unique small turning radius
* quick-release seat fastener
* easy to assemble and to convert
* unique control disk for the back wheel to ensure perfect wheel positioning
* 2 options for height of the front wheel * unique footrest to learn even better balancing
2 years
Safety standards:
Complies with European EN-71 and Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 safety standards, CE