Hanging instructions Child + Board Swings

Swings can be mounted in doorways or/and on beams, ceiling joists, verandas, pergolas and swing stands or the like. Screw 2 screw eyes or eyebolts approx. 500mm apart with the holes in the eyes facing forward. It is important to have the eyes facing forward because then the carbine hook will roll and not grind in the eye. Having the ropes going wider apart as they go up helps the swing to swing strait. Adjust the height with the sliding ropelocks. The  swings can be hung from a height of 3 meters without extension ropes

Check the ropes, hooks and eyes regularly for wear and tear. The sun gradually breaks down the fiber in all rope. A safety surface under the swing is recommended.


Where can I hang a swing?

There are many choices for hanging your swing either indoors or outdoors. You will need to be sure that the point of hanging is strong enough for the weight to be used in the swing and there is enough space around the swing for it to operate safely. With the appropriate hardware your swing may be hung from timber, concrete or a tree. Popular choices are inside from the ceiling, verandas, pergolas, trees and existing swing frames.

How can I hang my swing from a tree?

It is important to make sure that the branch you would like to hang the swing from is strong enough to take the weight of the person and the force of swinging. The branch needs to be horizontal to the ground so the swing will swing straight. Solvej Tree Hangers make it easy to hang your swing. Always check the hanging height to ground to make sure the ropes are long enough for the position. Contact Solvej directly to purchase Tree Hangers.

Where can I hang my swing inside?

Inside you will need to hang it from a strong structural point in the ceiling, a beam, rafter or door frame. The safest way is to use 2 stainless steel screw eyes in and clip the swing to these using the stainless steel carbine clips that come with the swing. For specific installation instructions see your swing instructions.