How do I apply the wall stickers?

  1. Use scissors if necessary to cut out all the different figures.
  2. Choose the placement on the wall to display your sticker. Clean and dry the desired place on the wall to ensure optimal adhesion.
  3. On a flat surface, firmly press the figure to transfer it onto the transparent paper.
  4. Delicately separate the figure from the original white paper. Make sure that the figure thoroughly adhered to the transparent paper.
  5. Stick the figure onto your desired place. Thoroughly press the figure onto the wall, smoothening the sticker from center out, to remove air bubbles.
  6. Then, carefully remove the transparent paper. Be sure to gently pull it off diagonally. If necessary, press again on your sticker to make sure it is well adhered and smooth.

    On what surfaces can I apply my stickers?
    For best results, your surface must be smooth, dry, and clean (i.e. with no grease or dust). Clean the wall with a lightly soaped sponge, rinse it off, and let it dry for 3 to 4 days before you apply your sticker.

    If your wall has been recently painted, it’s best to wait about 30 days before the application of a sticker. To thoroughly adhere the sticker, use a squeegee or any other flat and smooth object (i.e. credit card or ruler). If there are still any bubbles, puncture them with a needle to release the air. Then, smoothen the air out by carefully rubbing the sticker from center out.

    Do not apply your sticker too close to a heating source.

    Are my stickers removable and repositionable?
    Yes, for a short term. Our stickers can be repositioned at time of application and for a few days afterward, while the adhesion is still fresh. Keep in mind that you cannot reposition them too often. If you remove a sticker a few months after the application and wish to put it somewhere else, there is no guarantee that it is going to stick properly.

    If I wish to remove my stickers, will it damage the surface it is adhered to?
    Our stickers can be removed easily without damaging the surface. Remove the sticker by starting with a corner using a finger-nail and peeling it off carefully.

    What type of surfaces are not suitable for sticking?
    We strongly discourage you from applying your sticker on rough or uneven surfaces, wood, textiles, or plaster.