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If you just discovered the beautiful Maileg universe there is a question
that pops into your mind – what should I begin with? Here we offer you
an overview of our Maileg friends.

Of course, you’ll have your personal favorites, and it depends on who
it is for. We have put together a little guide and overview of the
different Maileg products.

In general, you can mix and match all products, but people tend to
start with a theme and then extent their collection along with other
Maileg characters.

Always remember – there are no limits to your imagination.


Our mice for everyone! They are the ambassadors of Maileg and appeal to every age group.

How about the mice family? The sister and brother mice in different sizes live in a box, which makes it perfect to take to every playdate and on vacation.

We have different themes in the mice category!

Bunnies & Rabbits

Bunnies and Rabbits are special to the Maileg World. They are one of the original collections and have been through many redesigns. They are multiplying! It’s safe to say the newest generation of Maileg Bunnies is the most adorable yet.

Their attitude is confident and comforting. Making a friend from this collection will surely bring a smile to any child’s face and will be their friend forever.

Oh and remember Ears Up = Rabbit. Ears down = Bunny.

Soft Toys

Our collection of soft toys is a baby’s kingdom of animal friends.

Our plush toys are fat and mushy – the softest, most huggable friends for baby and smaller children.

These cute beloved friends can accompany their lives from the very beginning and support them throughout every challenge.