Hape Green Planet Explorers

Introducing Hape's latest line of toys, the Green Planet Explorers! These toys are made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and Green PE, eliminating unnecessary plastics.

But that's not all—this unique concept goes beyond just being environmentally friendly. It actively engages children in learning about sustainability through the power of play.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Green Planet, where children as young as 3 years old can join the Explorers on their thrilling adventures. And the learning doesn't stop there! Through an animated miniseries on YouTube, these vibrant characters and important concepts come to life, capturing the imaginations of young minds.

As children follow the Explorers' journeys, they gain a deeper understanding of the significance of protecting our planet. They learn that our actions today have a direct impact not only on ourselves but also on future generations. The Green Planet Explorers instill in children a sense of responsibility and care for our Earth.

Hape Green Planet Explorers

Who are the Green Planet Explorers?

Each Explorer represents a vulnerable animal species that face the threats of climate change in our world. With their own unique names, personalities, and storylines, these characters raise awareness and educate both children and parents about environmental issues. Importantly, they also suggest practical ways to live a more sustainable life.

The primary goal of the Green Planet Explorers is to show children how simple it can be to make a positive impact on our world. This toy range empowers children to become ambassadors for sustainability, driving positive and green change. By taking action today, we are building a better future for our planet—the home of countless animals and ecosystems.

Join us on this exciting adventure and let's create a greener, more sustainable world together with the Green Planet Explorers!



June 29, 2023

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